Malaysian Water Wave


This hair type has become very popular in America today. The hair has a very luxurious feel with a great natural shine. The shine is however nothing compared to the results after you wash it. After a few washes it’s going to look even more natural than before, this hair is a very strong and for that it holds its curly extremely well like Brazilian hair you can color this hair as well. No product is required to maintain the curls and avoid using an oil spray on the hair as it will make the hair shiny and appear wiggly.

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  • Hair must be steamed to achieve its wave
  • Each hair bundle is 3.5 OZ.
  • Please note that when you wash your hair it will get a loose wave to straight pattern.
  • Each one of our hair bundles are not processed and have no dyes, synthetic fiber or perms.
  • Each hair bundle comes in a light or dark brown the bundles may not be alike in shade and texture because not every donor is the same
  • Please understand that the hair on our website has already gone through treatment to make it look presentable for our photos.
  • When you receive your package of hair please follow the hair care instructions.
  • For the best overall results please wash hair extensions prior to installing.

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