Eyelash Foam


  • Refreshes Your lashes
  • Effective prevention for itchy eyes.
  • Cleaning false eyelashes
  • Relieve Tired eyes

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  • DEEP CLEANING:The Eyelash foam shampoo deeply cleanses your lashes from the tip of your lashes to its root, removing dirt, oil, makeup residue, and grime from your lashes. Leaving your lashes with a clean and healthy fresh look.
  • NATURAL, SAFE AND NON-IRRITATING FORMULA:  100% oil-free & tear-free. No harsh chemical used. This shampoo contains only natural and gentle ingredients, which are safer and gentle on your eyelids and skin surrounding your eyes. It doesn’t irritate and can be used on the most sensitive skin.
  • IMPROVES EYELASH EXTENSION RETENTION:regular use of the eyelash foam shampoo helps extend the life of your lashes. As it helps remove dirt buildup that weakens the adhesive bond on your lashes and causes it to start popping off prematurely/wear out quickly.
  • IMPROVES EYE HEALTH:Contains antioxidants and vitamins that help nourishes the eyes, moisturize the eyelashes, and protect them from harmful substances.
  • SAVE TIME & COST:Helps reduce visiting the salon frequently for a refill as your lashes stay on for a longer period, without losing its fullness and beauty.



Whether you’re looking to extend the life of your eyelash extension by a few more days before going for your next refill or you just want to keep your lashes clean, dirt and germ-free, the eyelash foaming shampoo got you covered. This Eyelash foaming shampoo is a gentle, non-irritating, natural cleanser specially formulated to help extend the life of your lashes and retention between refills.

Use this powerful eyelash foaming shampoo to remove all forms of dirt, makeup residue, oils, and protein buildups from your eyelash and lash extension. While keeping them clean, hydrated, and beautiful to gaze upon.