Hair care

The following is what you will need for proper care, look and longevity.

  • Use warm water along with moisturizing shampoo, Once you wash your hair with the moisturizing shampoo, you will then be ready to apply the conditioner which is recommended to leave in for about three minutes before you rinse, follow up by squeezing the hair gently finally use your towel to absorb the water.
  • Now comb the hair with a tooth comb, with curly hair only use your fingers.
  • It is highly recommended for all three hair types which are Malaysian, Brazilian and Indian to air dry after you wash and condition.
  • It is best to use serums that are alcohol free by doing so it will prevent the hair from drying out or frizzing.
  • Do not use heavy oils on the hair as they will seep into the hair extension, which will the restrict movement because it will weigh it down and possibly cause tangling.
  • By air drying the hair with the wefts open it if it’s curly hair, the curls will hold well. You may wash your hair extension up to three times within seven days for best results.
  • Treat your hair extension as you would your own, for example when you use a straightener start with low setting and same goes with blow drying as you would your own hair. You should also trim your split ends every two maybe three months.
  • So, remember to wash hair with shampoo and conditioner before installing to help maintain it.
  • We recommend to have your hair installed by a licensed stylist.
  • If you decide to cut your tracks, they must be sealed. We suggest sewing around the wefts of the hair instead of through the wefts.
  • When sleeping remember to wrap your hair up and use a 100% silk bonnet.